An incomplete list of projects, ideas, and questions we are working on and learning about (updated every few months).

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Commercial Insurance

There are two shifts in insurance we are exploring:

  1. The growth in data availability will provide insurance carriers and customers new access to insurances and different means of distributing and underwriting coverage.
  2. Automation in the space may change the relationship between the principle agents in the space, namely: brokers, carriers, and their customers.

In particular, coordination amongst brokers and carriers, when it comes to assessing and placing complicated risk, is a hard problem we are digging into.

SQL and Data Analysis

Tools for data analysis, particularly around SQL and other common enterprise data formats, lag behind their counterparts in terms of collaboration, iterative problem solving paradigms, and usability. HVF is broadly interested in new mediums for data analysis -- including around the evolution of spreadsheets and tabular data interfaces -- but is particularly focused on how to give product managers, data analysts, and others that ask complicated questions about businesses and technology better tools to get answer.

Data Exhaust

Modern workflows use and generate copious amounts of data - particularly in healthcare, insurance, finance, and energy sectors. There is incredible utility in joining siloed datasets to unearth new insights and ask new questions.

Asset Leasing

We're looking for opportunities to facilitate asset leasing in ways that weren't previously possible. A few big trends make this particularly interesting right now. First, there is a greater abundance of data with which to assess lessor financing risk, and the residual value of a leased asset. Second, new technology is making it easier than ever to closely monitor and control assets remotely. Third, there is a growing (consumer and enterprise) comfort with "as-a-service" purchase models (see increasing auto leasing penetration, ubiquitous new-every-year-or-two cell phone leases, and the continued growth of SaaS).