An incomplete list of projects, ideas, and questions we are working on and learning about (updated every few months).

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Real Estate

Owning a Home

Down payments and monthly mortgage payments reach unsafe levels for many Americans. We are exploring new, transparent, and fair financing methods for families looking to buy their first home.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate is part of any stable and diverse investment portfolio. Yet targeted real estate investments remain inaccessible due to high unit costs. We're investigating passive investment products that capture growth upside in specific areas.

Other Interests

Spreadsheets and Data Analysis

Spreadsheets are the most accessible form of programming. As enterprises use data and analysis tools in new ways, we need products that maintain the ease of use of spreadsheets and add the benefits seen in things like Jupyter and other notebook programming tools

In addition, looking at and reviewing tabular data on mobile phones remains unsolved. Particularly for spreadsheets with models and multiple tables.

Data Exhaust

Modern workflows use and generate copious amounts of data - particularly in healthcare, insurance, finance, and energy sectors. There is incredible utility in joining siloed datasets to unearth new insights and ask new questions.