Max Levchin: Seeking the Endurance Athletes of Business 2016.12.10

Max Levchin is interviewed by Adam Bryant on his leadership principles and teams he creates.

HVF Welcomes Brian Ma 2016.11.28

We’re pleased to have Brian Ma join HVF Labs as an entrepreneur-in-residence. Brian is leading our explorations into real estate and housing sectors.

Brian is the former founder and CEO of Weave (professional networking service) and Decide.com (ecommerce price prediction, acquired by eBay). He was an early Zillow product manager, and a Microsoft and UW Computer Science alum.

With HVF Labs, Brian will be spending his time vetting, evaluating, and developing a few ideas inspired by his past experiences as a founder, real estate investor, and homeowner.

Data Science Forum: Reinforcement Learning 2016.11.15

Tonight's HVF Data Science Forum welcomes Don Dini, AI and automation advisor to FoodRev.

Don speaks about how reinforcement learning and planning was applied to optimize matching of FoodRev donors, volunteer drivers, pickup routes, and receiving agencies. [video]

HVF in Cambridge 2016.10.11

Ben Jun is speaking at Harvard on October 15th and some of the HVF team will be there for a few days—if you want to meet please let us know: info@hvflabs.com

Carbide Launches 2016.08.13

Today, Kevin Kwok and Guillermo Webster launched Carbide from HVF Labs. Carbide is an browser-based Javascript programming environment that enables interactive data visualization, in-line (and in-context) data tools, and a code-notebook style environment.

Carbide doesn't distinguish between input and output, using generalized machine learning techniques to run programs backwards.

We're pleased to work with both of these rising seniors at MIT!