HVF | Hard Valuable Fun

we start companies

From concept to creation, we grow ideas into companies.

What will you start?

Our Proven Method

We emphasize curiosity and rapid experimentation to identify opportunities.

Solve Hard Problems

HVF focuses on technology and data advantages that can solve substantial problems. We found a company after a compelling technology becomes broadly accessible.

Build Founding Teams

Join experts and high-potential operators in highly focused groups, where you’ll deepen bonds and build trust.

Manufacture Conviction

Develop insights and confidence through unparalleled access to industry experts and our axiom-based search process to know you’re building what matters.

Sharpen Leadership

Prepare for critical operational roles. HVF works closely with you and your team to develop frameworks and habits to facilitate personal and team growth.

Build with extraordinary people

Found your next company at HVF. Our teams are comprised of leaders in technology, product, design, and business.


EIRs lead searches with support and guidance from HVF, exploring ideas and thinking creatively about solutions in a risk-free environment.


HVF’s in-house specialists (engineers, product managers, analysts, designers), who help form/test hypotheses, build prototypes, run experiments, and execute on launching a venture.